MEET JULES. Jules is, not only a beautiful human being, she is the Founder of Butterfly Airways & lives in the North of Ibiza where she has dedicated her entire life to the path of human transformation.

She has built her business around a community of people who love living / would love to live a balanced life, attuning to the moon cycles and solar seasons & their self-love practices. She celebrates finding the beauty in everyday things and living a more naturally abundant & joyful life.⁠

I really enjoyed this shoot and I feel we definitely captured Jules and the essence of her business this in this shoot - what do you think? (Click to enlarge the images)


Anouk sees in you what you can’t see or accept in yourself. I’m camera shy when someone else is taking the pictures so I found the process challenging but something inside told me to trust her & the process! Thank goodness I did because the photos came out so much better than I could ever have imagined & she did indeed show me my own light! I was amazed how I looked compared to how I felt at the time so as much as you may also be nervous or unsure, please TRUST her & enjoy your time with Anouk & let her perform her MAGIC!


Love note