MEET KIM, founder of Tanit Retreats Ibiza.

Yoga Lifestyle Coach Kim Kaur is a guide and space holder during the retreats she offers to empower human beings to live through the light of the heart, and her rebalancing energy retreats are back on the magical island Ibiza. Back to her roots. To unleash the spiritual warrior in her clients. The programs and locations, as well as her life itself have gone through a transformational process over the past years. And this created a shift.

The deeply pulling power and transforming energy of goddess Tanit, spiritual symbol of the island Ibiza, created grounds for Tanit Retreats Ibiza.

Her purpose focuses on finding inner balance between body and mind and creating harmony around her clients, by building it inside with, dynamic yoga sessions, exploration of Tantra, meditation techniques, and transformational breath work.

Kim is a JOURNEY client and I think we captured some amazing pictures during our first session together, stay tuned for more.(Click to enlarge the images)


When I found Anouk's work online in my search for a good photographer for my retreats in Ibiza, right away I knew Anouk was the One! The only thing challenging for me was to choose from the packages she offers.., and I'm so glad I went all-in for the JOURNEY package! We had an amazing first shoot in the fall and this only tastes like more. Anouk is very flexible, easy going and above all, super fun to work with. Our first shoot really felt relaxed and in the flow. The results are great and also from this first shoot I've learned a lot, from which we can make the next one even more powerful and magical.


Love note