MEET PETRIE, happiness coach and author. As a happiness coach, Petrie has developed the Artichoke method. A method in which you can experience and learn what true happiness is, regardless of the external circumstances. She has also written features for various magazines and in 2019, she launched her first book, The Power to Believe in You.

After working for many years in media, Petrie left the corporate world to follow her passion - to make the world a little more beautiful and happier. She says 'And where better to start than with yourself?' 

Petrie travelled from The Netherlands to Ibiza for her session with me and we captured some incredible images. I loved every minute of this shoot and so pleased that we captured her natural beauty, uplifting, powerful energy and joy for life. Ibiza is the perfect backdrop for my soulful biz sisters; totally worth the journey, wouldn't you agree?  (Click to enlarge the images)


Sometimes you meet people before you even meet them in real life. And that is what I experienced with Anouk. Her energy is already connected to you before she speaks. She feels what you need. Without you having to put it into words or even say it or maybe even know it. Her energy and eye for detail is magical. And she conveys that, both on image and in memory. This is what her beautiful photos radiate. A magical fusion of purity, love and power. She feels like a sister..


Love note