MEET SARAH, CEO and founder of Phoenix Staffing and a coach for women in business.

Phoenix staffing is a fun, vibrant staffing agency, specialising in temporary staff for the nightlife, hospitality, festival and events industry, offering young people (particularly women) flexible . Sarah is also a business coaches, supporting women who are looking for more and need support in leadership, managing teams, marketing or developing their ideas. 

Sarah contacted me when she had a deep calling to invest in herself and to start showing her personal brand to the world; one that is all about empowering women, helping them to connect with themselves and discover what is truly possible for them...accompanied by spiritual practice rooted in Tantra and the body.⁠ I think we captured some amazing pictures during our session together. I just love working with purpose-led business owners.⁠
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Working with Anouk on an on-going year-long journey has been incredible. She has a beautiful gift of capturing the female form; lighting up contours, shapes and colours, capturing the essence of a person's character and heart alongside the power of Ibiza's nature. I love the way that she took time to get to know me, understand my journey and creative process and capture the unfolding elements within each shoot.


Love note