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This membership allows us to collaborate over the course of a year, establishing a unique synergy as we get to know each other better with every session—the type of synergy that will shine through your photographs and benefit your brand.

We will work together closely to shape your online visual identity. You will come away with at least 360 pieces of professional content that can be used for your website or across social platforms every single day of the year. 

We’ll schedule a session for every season (4x a year), where we will shoot for about two hours. You can bring up to four outfits of your choosing — we will provide any wardrobe advice, direction and support needed.



Journey Package

Working with Anouk on an on-going year-long journey has been incredible. She has a beautiful gift of capturing the female form; lighting up contours, shapes and colours, capturing the essence of a person's character and heart alongside the power of Ibiza's nature. I love the way that she took time to get to know me, understand my journey and creative process and capture the unfolding elements within each shoot.


love notes

I have been working with Anouk for years, and she has never failed to impress me with her incredible talent and professionalism. She has helped me build my personal brand through stunning photography, she has always gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

What I appreciate most about Anouk is her ability to capture the essence of each moment and convey the emotions in her photographs. Her attention to detail and commitment to getting the perfect shot is truly admirable.

Working with her is always a pleasure, as she is warm, friendly, and makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. I highly recommend Anouk to anyone looking for a skilled photographer who truly cares about her clients and delivers outstanding work. She is truly a gifted artist and an asset to the photography industry.


love notes

Anouk is more than a talented photographer, she channels your essence and captures your light. I’ve been working with her for years, and she travels the world with me.

As an online entrepreneur I have a continuous need for new images, because content is everything for business and content creators make the best business owners.

Anouk manages to direct you in a way that allows you to fully relax. We actually have incredible fun on our shoots. It is like creating art together.

According to her Human Design Anouk´s receptive openness allows her to reflect your light back at you, and truly lives her purpose by offering her talents and skills to the world.


love notes

I have had two brand photoshoots so far with Anouk, and I already can't wait to book my next one. Anouk is an incredibly gifted personal brand photographer! Her care and attention to detail is second to none. I loved the entire experience and the incredible locations she chose to shoot.

If you are seeking support to uplevel your online presence and showcase your visual story, Anouk will be able to support you to create true magic.

I loved the brand brainstorm call, it gave me such clarity and an opportunity to really discover the ways my soul wanted to weave through these new photographs. It felt like an important piece of what I consider a ceremonial process. Anouk's support in this was invaluable.

When I see the images of myself, it encourages me to step forwarded into the future version of myself that I am becoming. It has already helped me to land more fully in my social media presence and create more engaging, high quality content, especially for Instagram. More than any other photographer I have worked with, Anouk has supported me to step into my leadership and bring all of my gifts to the shoot environment. She has already transformed my brand in such a short space of time.


love notes


pre shoot                 

What's included


POSt shoot                 

  • 3x follow-up calls and strategy updates after each photoshoot
  •  Reveal of photographs (video call / in person) after each shoot
  • Your selection of 90 photographs per session (360 per year)
  • 4x photo shoot (up to 2-hours each)
  • Up to 2 locations (each session)
  • Up to 4 outfits (each session)
  • An extended and personalised branding questionnaire.
  • Strategic coaching session to determine your unique brand story and themes.
  • Follow-up call to prepare each session (1 hour)
  • Creative proposal and suggested photographic executions.
  • Location scouting and advice
  • Outfits and props
  • Moodboard and Shotlist
Hi, I'm Anouk,
meet the photographer 

I'm a lifestyle photographer and visual storyteller. My technique blends passion with intuition, using natural environments to evoke honest emotion that transcends the moment - making a lasting impression on you, and your business. My own story is one of stepping out of the darkness into the light and is what has brought me here to the magical island of Ibiza.

I care so deeply about capturing who you are — your life, your light, your story. My style is rooted in purpose, creating an authentic and high-vibe image bank that will make a fundamental shift in your business and therefor in your life.

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Branding Strategy

360 images



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Branding Strategy

4 x 2 hr photo shoots per year

360 images


4 x 2hr photo shoots per year

X 12

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