One of the most frustrating things for a brand photographer is when people don’t use their photos. Here are some tips to make the most out of your photoshoot, and how to post your personal branding photos. With the right content you feel empowered to shine, and actually inspired to use the wonderful images you’ll receive.

I know it sounds crazy but trust me, it happens. And it’s easily done as sometimes receiving a catalog of amazing photos of yourself can seem overwhelming and kickstart your imposter syndrome. Trust me, I know…I get that showing up online can feel ´icky´.

You may also feel insecure about how to post these photos on social media in a way that feels authentic to you. So, when we’re not sure what to do, what do we do? Nothing. 

5 Tips to post your personal branding photos

Here are some tips that I find help to really make the most out of your photoshoot and the wonderful images you’ll receive:

1. Believe you are worthy

You are amazing and 100% worthy of these beautiful photos. Kick that imposter syndrome to the curb. The world is ready to hear what you have to say.

2. Own your story

You have a story to tell and your photos will help you to do this. Look at each of your photos individually and make notes on how they help you to do exactly this. With these notes you can easily create captions and feel inspired to post your personal branding photos.

How to post your Personal Branding Photos, own your story.

3. Put yourself in your client’s shoes

What do they need to know about you and your offer? You can use your photography to tell them and build trust. Your clients don’t care if you have the odd wrinkle – they only want to know how you can help THEM.

How to post your Personal Branding Photos, put yourself in your clients shoes.

4. Create a plan

Use a planner app (for example to plan a new intro post using your most favourite picture. Continue planning so you can create posts to talk about your services, products and launches. 

5. Tag your photographer

This really means a lot to us as we have invested in you and your brand story too…Ánd it allows us to hype you up and share your story too! Here´s to empowering eachother.

How to post your Personal Branding Photos, tag your photographer.

Share your vision

The other thing that can be really useful is making sure you have a good relations with your photographer. Communication is key and make sure that they know your story, business, and on which platforms you want to use your photos. 

I like to call it – sharing your vision. That way, we can really make sure that the shoot delivers on this.  

Please just remember that your clients need to see your face. This evokes an emotion within them. They want to feel a connection with you and sharing your personal brand photography is the best way to do this. 

You’ve got this. 

With love, Anouk



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